Frequently Asked Questions

We know sometimes you have questions that you just need answered. Need to know more about equipment rentals? Planning an event? At DCR Nashville, we always suggest reaching out to one of our account executives for a one on one conversation regarding your needs and questions. We are available to answer all of your questions or to elaborate on what you found here in the FAQ section of our site.

When you are ready to talk please feel free to begin your relationship with a DCR Nashville Account Executive by clicking here.

Why is DCR Nashville the right partner for our event?

DCR Nashville is a specialized boutique 360 degree production company with a client first focus. Our size and attention to detail allows us the ability to focus on relationships while providing the best possible outcomes to your events. With over a 100 years of collective experience in entertainment production, creative design, management and client interfacing, our team is perfectly suited to listen to your ideas and to provide solutions that are perfectly tailored to your event. Whether you need audio, lighting, video, creative or project management services for a tour or an event, DCR Nashville can help.

Tell me more about DCR Nashville.

DCR Nashville is a conduit for which the client uses to convey their art, music and message to the audience — and that’s not a game. It’s a big responsibility. If we don’t do our jobs right we can fail to serve a given audience or given artist. And we take that personally.

Even though we have grown substantially from our founding in 2004 as a digital console rental house, today DCR Nashville the production company, will stand by this commitment to excellence, even as we continue to grow. Offering more services to our clients, the community of Nashville and beyond.

Anybody can buy gear, but delivering the service behind it, that’s what matters. As long as we’re holding up the fundamental beliefs behind why we started the company — great service, great price and great relationships — and we are doing it with heart, good things will come.

Where is DCR Nashville Located?

DCR Nashville is located in the heart of the country in Nashville, TN. Our central location makes getting support to your tour or event a snap.

Can DCR Nashville provide a turnkey solution?

Yes! The scope of our experience allows us to provide solutions for an entire event or just the rental of a single item.

What brands of audio products does DCR Nashville have in stock?

We stock all major brands! Digico, Avid, Midas, Yamaha, Shure, Sennheiser, Waves, Meyer, and Whirlwind are a few of our trusted brands.

What brands of lighting products does DCR Nashville have in stock?

GrandMA, Clay Paky, Martin, Vari-Lite, Elation, Robe and others.

I need to purchase in ear monitors for my artist, does DCR Nashville sell equipment?

We speak a lot about relationships here at DCR Nashville. Your relationship gives you access to our network of resources. We are happy to help you find the best price for your equipment needs through our extensive dealer networks.

I am touring with a new console and I don’t know how it works or I need to program a console, can DCR Nashville provide me with support?

The doors at DCR Nashville are always open. Anyone in the industry is welcome to walk through our doors and sit behind a console as long as it is available. We will always greet you with a firm handshake and some coffee while helping you get started. Client or not you are always welcome.

I need to repair some equipment and it requires parts, can DCR Nashville find the parts I need? Can DCR Nashville just fix it for me?

Although we do not have a full time service department, we do have tech’s who are extremely proficient with the gear we own. We may be able to do a repair for you based on time and availability. Using the connections within our network we have access to almost every service department out there and can most likely find the parts that you require.

I am planning an event and I need a Project Manager, does DCR Nashville provide Project Management services.

This is where DCR Nashville shines. All of our top tier employee’s have once held a position as a production manager, tour manager or project manager, some of us all three. When you are in need of an experienced leader in logistics and on site coordination, choose one of our leaders for your event. We as a company strive to produce the best events possible for our clients and project management is one of our greatest assets.